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Experience a whole new peace of mind

Outsourced accounting and advising to help business and nonprofit leaders make financial decisions with confidence.
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We help you gain financial...


We’ll help you make sense of the financial landscape with easy to understand information and clear guidance. 


No more guessing or hoping the books are right. With the financials in order and a system in place, you’ll make decisions with confidence.


With RCG at your side, you’ll have a team of accountants to help you take control of the finances. 

Don't let your hard work go to waste!

Are you worried about cash flow?
Are you losing opportunities?
Is organizational financial stress impacting the team?
Do you worry about the long term financially?

As a business leader, you’re no stranger to hard work. In fact, you probably thrive on it. But, your efforts fall short if the numbers are elusive, leaving you with a pile of papers and worries that keep you up at night. We understand.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. With RCG as your partner, you can leverage your talents while using accounting as a guide to success. Then you can go worry about the 17 other things to move your business forward!

You shouldn’t have to be an accountant to be confident in the financials.

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We know your attention is pulled in countless directions, and managing every accounting detail can be an overwhelming responsibility. Given the time and effort you put into your business, you deserve to experience peace of mind and have more time to spend on things that matter most. We can help.

Led by Stephen Weir, our team will guide you through the financial landscape. What may look like a jumbled mess of rules, obligations, requirements, and nuance to you is sensible and strategic to us. We use a robust system to help keep you organized, and our secure, state-of-the-art online platform lets you know where the numbers stand from anywhere at any time.

Theres an easier way to make financial decisions

Our clients consider RCG their most trusted finance and accounting problem solver.

Dave Seibert, Owner, Dave Seibert Real Estate Group
Dave Seibert
Dave Seibert Real Estate Group

"We wanted to scale our business but didn’t have the financial know how to take it to the next level.  RCG’s financial analysis, modeling and risk assessment helped us make decisions that otherwise we were afraid to make.  Now our business is positioned for the next phase of growth.  That’s all been great, but the best part of working with RCG is that I can sleep at night!"

Take A Clear Path to Peace of Mind

Say goodbye to financial stress and say hello to a good night's sleep.

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You’ll be confident and in control of the financials. Decisions are clear and insightful. All without the worries that used to keep you up at night. 

Experience a whole new peace of mind

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