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Nonprofit Audit Support Services

We take the pain out of the audit.

The financial landscape surrounding Nonprofit Organizations can be both complicated and delicate. It’s already a confusing task to pick out the correct forms and track all the unique deadlines, requirements, and exceptions. Audits are only required in particular situations, but if you add that to your to-do list, it can be stressful and keep you up at night.

RCG can help you navigate audits smoothly so you don’t have to continue worrying about your organization. We have extensive experience working with auditors. Whether it’s the IRS, independent, or a compliance check, we know the reports, documentation, and deadlines to manage and prepare, and we will do so efficiently.

When you choose RCG to support your organization through the audit process, you focus on getting back to the rest of your work – We will handle the rest.

The success of your organization is important to us. If your organization needs audit support, contact us today.

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Business leaders like you call RCG their most trusted financial problem solver.

Anne McDonnell, Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Virginia
Anne McDonnell
Executive Director
Brain Injury Association of Virginia

"Our tiny nonprofit was growing into a nonprofit business, and we needed a better way to control finances. RCG helps us achieve our mission. 

"The difference has been truly remarkable. The first audit process with RCG eliminated 90% of the headaches. It was the least painful audit I’ve been through, and it's even gotten better since then. 

"We couldn't have done it without them. Now I don’t worry about the books, and I can sleep easily!"

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Say goodbye to financial stress and say hello to a good night's sleep.

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